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We are highly experienced experts at performing the best dental crowns and bridges Salt Lake City has to offer.

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced along with technology. Several treatments and procedures that we think of as standard would have been considered almost impossible in years past. Two of those treatments that would be viewed as incredibly difficult dental procedures are dental crowns and bridges. At Canyon Rim Dental, we are highly experienced experts at performing the best dental crowns and bridges Salt Lake City has to offer. We hope this page will better educate you on dental crowns and bridges so you know exactly what to expect when seeking such treatment. If you have any dental needs, contact the dentist Salt Lake City trusts with their advanced dental needs.

Dental Crowns for Salt Lake City Patients

When you have a cracked or chipped tooth, a dental crown will allow you to fix the tooth without extracting and replacing it with a dental implant. A crown simply caps the tooth, fitting firmly over the tooth and blending in with the surrounding teeth. Crowns look entirely natural – nobody will be able to tell the difference between your capped tooth when compared to your other teeth. A dental crown has no impact on your ability to chew or speak naturally, so you’re able to continue going about regular activities without any adverse effects.

You may be wondering, what makes dental crowns helpful? Placing a crown on a damaged tooth firstly hides the visible damage from cracks, chips, etc., but more importantly the porcelain cap protects the tooth from additional damage. Teeth that go untreated after being chipped or cracked will continue to worsen over time if no dental action is taken. To summarize, dental crowns are both cosmetic as well as restorative – they improve the appearance of the teeth and smile in addition to preventing further damage to the teeth. Dental veneers are a popular option for cosmetic dental crowns.

Tooth Crown Procedure

Before beginning a dental crown treatment, it’s important to receive an initial examination and consultation to ensure receiving a dental crown is the best procedure for you. At Canyon Rim Dental, we will carefully review all your options and provide our expert recommendations.

If you decide to move forward with dental crown treatment, a dentist needs to then ready the damaged tooth/teeth by filing the top and sides of the crown of the tooth. Doing that creates the space necessary to securely place the artificial crown on top of the tooth and blend in with other teeth. To make sure your experience is as pain free as possible, filing down the tooth will be performed while you are under an anesthetic. The dentist will only file down the minimum amount necessary to fit the crown.

At Canyon Rim Dental we have two different options to deliver a crown. We offer extremely convenient same day crowns, or sometimes, if the situation requires it, we send it out to a dental lab.

After the prep work is complete, your dentist will either deliver the crown (in the case of a same day crown), or put a temporary crown over the tooth while the permanent crown is created in the dental lab.

Within a couple weeks your crown should be ready and you will schedule an appointment to have the crown seated on top of the damaged tooth. You may be required to schedule some subsequent visits to make sure the crown remains snug and secure on your tooth. Your smile will look fantastic once the fitting and cementing is 100 percent completed.

Dental Bridges

While dental crowns are like fixing a chip in a windshield before it worsens beyond repair, dental bridges is like replacing the windshield with a new one. Dental bridges are designed to replace toothless gaps in the mouth with a prosthetic tooth/teeth.

While prosthetic teeth can be created from a handful of different materials, they are most commonly made from dental porcelain, which is a creamy white, firm substance that is also used for most crowns. A dentist will mold the porcelain to create a tooth that is nearly identical to the one that was damaged or lost, and most casual observers will never be able to tell the difference between a crown, bridge, or completely natural teeth.

What makes the actual “bridge” portion of the dental bridge is the prosthetic tooth itself. So you may wonder, how is it connected to the mouth? The bridge is connected by using the crowns of the surrounding teeth as anchors. Dental crowns are permanent and stable, so they are perfect supports for the dental prosthetic. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to file down the surrounding teeth to place artificial crowns, even if they are perfectly healthy and undamaged.

If you are dealing with cracked or chipped teeth and searching for a dentist, look no further than Canyon Rim Dental. We are here to offer our expertise and the best dental bridges and crowns Utah has available. Give us a call today at (801) 486-3887 to schedule an appointment with us, you and your smile deserve it!


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