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When you need a tooth fixed, the last thing that most people want is something that is going to stand out.

When you need a tooth fixed, the last thing that most people want is something that is going to stand out when they smile. While they do look much better in most people’s opinion, tooth colored fillings have more advantages than simply looking better. Metal fillings tend to expand and contract when they change temperatures. Problems start to arise when the metal filling in your tooth expands and contracts and your tooth does not. This can cause your tooth to weaken and crack over time. I don’t think that we need to explain why having your tooth crack is something you don’t want.

It is clear that a tooth colored filling is ideal for cosmetic purposes, but there are other reasons why many dentists have moved away from metal fillings all together! If your tooth cracks, you will go from needing a filling in the tooth to needing either an inlay or onlay, or even a crown.

Why Some Salt Lake City Dentists Still Place Metal Fillings

Metal fillings, also called amalgam fillings, are the fillings that are covered by some insurances. When insurance only covers amalgam fillings, the patient would have to spend a little bit extra to get resin (tooth colored fillings). Sometimes, rather than ask a patient to pay a small fee for better restorations, the dentist will simply place an amalgam filling. We assure you that our office will never settle for inferior services. We work hard to keep our fees reasonable and even have an in office discount plan to help patients afford the ideal treatment.

Replacing Your Amalgam Fillings With Resin Fillings

Amalgam fillings were the norm in dentistry for a long time, so naturally, a lot of patients have amalgam fillings. Many of our patients ask us if they should get their amalgam fillings replaced with resin fillings or a crown. It is hard to give a straight yes or no answer because situations vary on a case by case basis. One of our dentists here at Canyon Rim Dental can help you decide what the best strategy is for your dental health moving forward.

Your Material Options for Other Dental Restorations

While the material options for crowns and inlays and onlays might be different from the material options for fillings, the color options are the same. You can get metal options for almost any restoration if that is what you prefer. For most people, however, this is not something that they would do on purpose. The great news is that the same restorations also typically have a tooth colored option. We have several material options to make sure that all of your restorations are tooth colored. We also have the technology to deliver most restorations same day.

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