Veneers and Laminates

These shells are bonded directly to your teeth and are a cover to improve your overall appearance and bring you confidence.

Out of the several options and treatments you may be looking into, this treatment may be the best option for you. Having veneers is a quick way for you to get to your perfect smile without a lot of hassle at all.

Dental veneers are thin , customized shells or covers of tooth colored materials. They are specifically designed to be placed right on top of your existing teeth to help enhance your teeth and smile.

These shells are bonded directly to your teeth and are simply a cover to improve your overall appearance and bring you confidence.

What Types of Problems Do Veneers Fix?​

  • Discolored Teeth - There are many reasons why you may not have that sparkly white shine that you’ve always wanted but if you are wanting to improve the color of your teeth then this is a great reason why you would.
  • Misaligned - Some people’s teeth are just not as straight as they’d like them to be. Some are irregular, uneven, and not perfectly shaped.
  • Chipped - This is a common one where you may have close friends or family that have got veneers because they chipped a tooth.
  • Gaps - If you have gaps in your teeth then this could help fill those and improve the quality of your smile.
  • Worn Down - Whether you grind your teeth, or they have just become worn down over time, this would be another common fix.

How Can Veneers Enhance My Smile?

Out of all the cosmetic treatments you may be considering, these are one of the most conservative treatments available. It’s due to the thinness of the shell and most of the time the veneers are simply placed on top of your existing teeth. A very thin layer of your teeth will need to be shaved down, but it is very little just about as thin as the actual veneer.

What Result Are You Looking For?​

As you are self examining your smile and what you’d really like to happen the first thing you’re going to really need to consider is what you want. What outcome are you looking for? Talk with the dentist and tell him what you would like to see happen and how you want to feel afterwards.

Then the doctor will examine your teeth and ensure that veneers are an excellent options for you.

The Process is Simple for Our Salt Lake City Patients

The actual procedure is very simple. The dentist will shave a very thin layer of enamel from your teeth so the new veneers can fit exactly to your teeth as if nothing new has been added.

Then the veneers that match your smile, shape, and size will be placed on the teeth. The dentist will make sure that each veneers is a perfect fit and feels right before any next step. If something isn’t fitting just right or looks even slightly off, then there will be small adjustments made until it is absolutely perfect.

The veneers will then be bonded to your existing teeth. This is obviously critical to the overall effectiveness and natural function you desire. This will make sure your teeth become strong and feel natural. The veneers will then be cured with a light to ensure the bond is solidified and perfect.

This is always a smooth process and doesn’t take much of your time. It’s a simple solution to making sure you achieve that desired smile.

If you don’t have the tooth structure necessary to support veneers, check out our dental implant services or denture services.

Some Other Benefits You Should Know About

It’s really important to note that veneers are completely customized to your teeth. Each is individual and sized just right for your teeth. That means it will be almost impossible for anyone to recognize the difference between natural teeth and veneers.

Plus veneers resist a lot of stains that your natural teeth can’t. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or dark soda these are made of high quality materials that will defend their natural integrity.

Maintaining Your Veneers For The Long Run

This is actually super simple. You will need to treat your new veneers as you would your normal teeth. Regular brushing and flossing is required and should be apart of your expected routine to ensure your overall oral health is kept.

The dentist will have a follow up visit or two to check on how the veneers are fitting your mouth and how they are feeling for you. Even though they may feel just fine, it’s important that you see the doctor and let him examine your teeth. You will then want to make sure you continue to come in to regular dental check ups and cleanings.

From there, you’re now equipped with a beautiful smile and confidence to show off your teeth to everyone you encounter.

This really is a wonderful solution to helping you with your smile and health of your teeth. The technology we have is so great that it allows these simple and very effective procedures to take place, and without it taking a lot of time and energy from you.

If this sounds like a perfect solution to fix any of the issues discussed, or to learn about some of our other options for dental crowns, give us a call and let us help you achieve that beautiful smile right away!

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