Best Diet for Good Dental Health

Avoid putting acidic foods in contact with your teeth for a long duration.

Diet Tips for Optimal Dental Health

Despite what many people think, tooth decay is not caused by sugar. Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. Sugar alone simply does not have the properties in and of itself to break down enamel. Tooth decay is caused by acid.

The reason that many people think that sugar causes tooth decay is because your mouth is full of bacteria that eats sugar. When the bacteria eats the sugar the byproduct that it creates is acid. This acid is what causes tooth decay.

Things to Avoid to Minimize Tooth Decay

If you are serious about minimizing tooth decay, you should make sure to avoid putting acidic foods in contact with your teeth for a long duration. For example, soda has a very low pH (very acidic). If you drink soda slowly, you are putting acid in direct contact with your teeth for long periods of time. You should also avoid slowly eating sugary foods as they are converted to acid by the bacteria in your mouth.

One thing that may be surprising to people is that you should avoid brushing immediately after putting avid in contact with your teeth. When your enamel becomes softened, the last thing you want to add to the equation is abrasion. It would be better to swish some fluoridated mouthwash and then wait for 30 minutes or so before brushing your teeth.

Although it is ill advised to brush immediately following the consumption of acidic foods and drinks, it is a good idea to brush immediately following the consumption of sugary foods. If you eat sugar, it will take time before the bacteria in your mouth converts it to acid. If you can remove the sugar before this happens the bacteria will not have anything to turn into acid.

Helpful Dental Treatments to Avoid Tooth Decay

There are certain precautions that can be taken to avoid tooth decay. We recommend dental sealants wherever possible and getting a regular fluoride varnish. We also recommend a prescription grade fluoride toothpaste for patients who have a history of tooth decay.


Many people may think that brushing and flossing regularly is all that it takes to keep your teeth strong. While this can be the case in many situations, it is extremely important to consider the timing of brushing and the foods consumed prior to brushing.

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