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Dentures Improve Your Function & Oral Health

It’s actually shocking how many people do and will have potential problems with the loss of teeth. As we age our teeth just don’t hold up like we want them to. Some of this is caused by improper dental hygiene, and some is simply caused by father time. The good news is, with our high quality dentures you don’t have to worry anymore about feeling embarrassed about your smile. In the United States there are around 26% of adults ages sixty-five and seventy-five that have lost the majority of their teeth.

There is hope and options available if you’re looking to keep your smile as perfect as possible. Look no further than our very versatile and affordable set of dentures.

You don’t want to be feeling self-conscious or depressed about your smile. And having a below average set can cause even more problems. You want dentures that look like real teeth and don’t create greater problems for you.

It’s also good to know that there are plenty of bad dentures out there and you’ll want to make sure you pick quality ones that will not only last, but won’t produce negative results or discomforts. Some of these can include difficulty chewing, regular discomfort, a sunken-in-face, and of course teeth that simply look fake.

The solutions are available and it’s no surprise our patients love the results.

Dentures are great because they are completely customized to your mouth. They become a perfect fit and look natural and fit your precise measurements. These solutions which I will explain briefly in just a moment are not only designed to give a perfect appearance, but to improve the overall health and hygiene of your mouth. If you would like to find out more about our solutions for missing teeth, contact one of our Salt Lake City dental professionals today.

Let me explain some of your options that you could potentially choose from and explain more about the differences:

Cosmetic Dentures for Patients in Salt Lake City

As you can imagine, this style of denture has a purpose to look as natural as possible. When you think of dentures, you’re probably picturing your grandparent’s teeth floating around in a glass of water. Thankfully there have been advancements in technology and we now have beautiful, durable dentures that give you an amazing smile. Unlike other styles of dentures, our high-quality provide many benefits that others may not.

We know one of the most important aspects is for your dentures to look like natural teeth. For this reason, we make sure they are perfectly fit to your mouth and are only made of the best quality.

Complete or Full Dentures

This option is used when you are wanting to replace entire set of teeth on either top or bottom jaw. These standard types can accomplish remarkable solidity and retentive strength due to the maximum load spread throughout the surface area.

Dentures Salt Lake City

Partial Dentures

If you only have a few missing teeth, this option might be the best choice. Partial can either be removable teeth or they can be permanently fixed to your mouth depending on what you prefer and what would work best.

If you are suffering from a lost tooth or multiple teeth, we have the perfect solution for you. Not only are our dentures top of the line quality, they are completely affordable. We understand, having missing teeth can affect your self confidence and your life. It’s time to restore your confidence and give you back your perfect smile.

If you are only missing a few teeth, but really want a smile makeover, your best option may be a combination of invisalign and dental implants.

The thing is, the process of getting dentures will usually take several weeks, and then you’ll be on your way to what matters most-how you feel. Our team will get you accurate measurements and molds to create your custom dentures. We’ll ensure that everything is perfectly fit, it’s comfortable, the right color, and once all of those items are achieved, we’ll place the completed dentures for you.

We only use the best proven methods and excellent techniques so that you’ll be feeling amazing with your completed smile. You will also be given all the proper instructions you will need to care for your teeth and make sure you know the proper cleaning and oral hygiene. There will also be a few follow up visits to make sure they are working perfectly for you. During those, you may have questions and our dentist will be able to provide you with important feedback and answers to anything you may need to know about.

It is an exciting time to have your beautiful smile back. Don’t hesitate to take this seriously and get your smile and confidence back. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry here.

We are here to help and the treatments you’ll receive will far surpass your expectations.

If you have any questions about our dental procedures and you live in or around Salt Lake City, give us a call at (801) 486-3887 today or contact us!


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