From migraines to jaw tightness, the symptoms of TMJ disorder can be truly debilitating. They don't have to be a certainty, though.

At Canyon Rim Dental, Drs. Sam Delahunty and Ryan Osorio have helped Utah patients find freedom from their TMD.

How? Our Salt Lake City, UT, team uses BOTOX® to relax your temporomandibular joint and ease your side effects.

Why Do You Use BOTOX

To Treat TMJ Disorder?

While patients often think of BOTOX (an injectable botulinum toxin) as a purely cosmetic treatment, it has another function: treating TMJ problems.

Our TMD patients may have tried other options like mouth guards without much relief — but botulinum toxin treatment can help. Because periodic BOTOX injections relax your tense, tight jaw muscles, they can prevent painful clenching and grinding. As a result, you won't be able to move your TMJ as dramatically as you used to, giving you much-needed relief.

At our practice, we offer BOTOX injections both to TMJ patients and to patients looking for cosmetic enhancement. 

Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

After living with TMJ disorder for a while, sometimes patients start to dismiss the daily side effects. If you notice TMJ dysfunction symptoms like these, though, it's time to visit our Utah dentists for TMJ treatment using BOTOX injections.

  • Head or Jaw Pain
  • Migraines
  • Jaw Tightness
  • Broken Teeth
  • Tinnitus
  • Tooth Loss

Choose a Salt Lake City Office That Offers Comprehensive Care

You shouldn't just choose a dentist for BOTOX TMJ disorder treatment — you should choose our dentists. Here's why:

Our Dentists Catch the Signs of TMD

From routine visits to restorative dentistry treatment planning, our dentists often notice the signs of a TMD in our patients. As a result, we understand what to look for, as well as the risks.

We Can Treat Related Dental Damage

Some other doctors may be able to apply BOTOX to treat your TMJ disorder, but they won't be able to help with the dental damage from TMD. If you're dealing with broken, damaged teeth, you've found an office that can assist with that, too.

Our Team Can Beautify Your Smile

Often, regular grinding can change the appearance of your teeth, making them shorter. Fortunately, once it's safe to do so, we can actually improve your confidence with treatments like dental crowns and porcelain veneers.

We Feature BOTOX Cosmetic

For patients wishing to refine their appearance, our Utah dentists also offer BOTOX® Cosmetic. It's an entirely different product from BOTOX for TMJ, which means you can find the right injectable treatment for your needs.

Comfortable, comprehensive treatment from a team who cares — that's what Canyon Rim Dental has to offer. If you're ready to finally find relief from your TMD, contact our friendly staff or call us at:

(801) 486-3887

Nervous? Let a Real Patient Put You at Ease

"Have always had positive experiences with the team here. I've been a patient for YEARS at this point and obviously keep coming back. I always feel respected, and informed of all of my options for any treatment. I'm still always met with compassion and understanding and information. Highly recommend." Steph Rich

Is BOTOX for TMD Really Worth the Cost?

Dentist and patient discussing treatment

Absolutely! Choosing BOTOX treatment for your TMD can be an excellent investment in your comfort and your quality of life.

Not to mention, it can potentially save you money later down the road, too. That's because long-term TMJ clenching and grinding can damage your teeth, leading you to need a dental crown or root canal therapy. Or, TMJ issues may even cause you to loose a tooth entirely, which will need to be replaced by a dental bridge or a costly implant-supported restoration.

Luckily, at our Salt Lake City office, we can prevent these problems before they happen with BOTOX.

How Does BOTOX Application Work For TMJ Treatment?

BOTOX is a safe, effective, and common treatment used for TMD. Here's how it typically works:

It's not cosmetic and it's absolutely not vanity. For many patients, BOTOX injections make all the difference in their TMD.
It's not cosmetic and it's absolutely not vanity. For many patients, BOTOX injections make all the difference in their TMD.

TMD Consultation

During your consultation, we'll listen to your needs and concerns, so we can see if BOTOX injections are right for you. We'll also go over your medical history, past treatments, and medications to make sure BOTOX is the best solution for your needs.

BOTOX Application

When it comes time for your appointment, we will welcome you into our office. Our injector will ensure your skin is clean before applying BOTOX. You'll feel just a quick a pinch at the injection site, which will subside quickly.

Relief from Symptoms

After your treatment, the BOTOX will work to relax your TMJ and jaw muscles around your injection site. As a result, you won't be able to grind or clench your TMJ as vigorously, giving you relief from jaw pain, muscle tightness, and tinnitus.

Routine Reapplication

The effects of BOTOX injections subside over time. As a result, you'll need to visit our Salt Lake City dental office every three months or so for routine reapplication.

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